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Tales of Etrian Odyssey

Let's talk about Etrian Odyssey. Well, this game didn't catch my attraction until it had suddenly vanished from stores both online and brick-n-mortar. Dang, I thought. I missed the opportunity while it's available, and now where on earth could I find a copy, preferably new. Scouting everywhere to no avail, I hit ebay. After spending quite some efforts trying to find a genuine, new copy for reasonable $$, I finally got one. I did pay a tad more than the list price plus shipping.

I still remember the day my Etrian Odyssey arrived from my ebay purchase, I was so happy. The cover artwork was beautiful. I popped the game in my DS Lite, and then I was hooked. I honestly couldn't recount how many hours of fun and battles it got me into. I would say my fingers were numb as a result of rubbing against those tiny buttons on the DS. I just can't begin describe how much I fell in love with Etrian Odyssey, the art style, the characters, the plot and game play. I'm not saying it's perfect and without flaws, but somehow it got me, hooked me and hit me hard!

Then Atlus announced the sequel. It's coming to the state wide. I was so excited. It got the long lost childhood joy out of me. I felt like dancing, jumping and screaming. I told myself, I got to have it on the first day. I marked it down on my calendar. I was thinking, if the sequel might have some preorder bonus gift. It could be cool as a fan of the series, to have a little something to remember by, about how I felt about this little gem. Nope. Nope. No preorder gift was announced. My heart sank for a few days.

One day I received an email newsletter from Atlus. It's about a contest on Etrian Odyssey. I read on...the prize? Some cool gifts about the series straight from Japan! I want, I want, I thought to myself. But it's a contest. So I mastered my fear and brought up my courage to write my first blog. Yes. It's my first blog. It's about a tale. A tale about Etrian Odyssey. A tale on how I fell in love with it. How a little gem found my long lost childhood joy.
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