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Why Killer instinct may become my favorite fighting game ever


I am not that good at fighting games, i really try but the skill level is usually beyond me to give a example in games with challenge modes to do combos i can usually do around 50% of them though will take me a long time. I just find many have insane input requirement such as one frame links or some really strict timings. And when i get online i get wiped the floor with and often will be a case where once i get hit then bam most of my energy bar is gone.

I was a huge fan of killer instinct 1 and 2 when i was growing up i would bunk off college to play them down the arcades, getting the combos was addictive but will admit it was very clunky.  But then in 2013 we got killer instinct for the xbox one and i was hype. Over the past two years it has changed and grown it is now a far more complete game then before but with season 3 announced i am hoping when that is released it takes the crown as my favorite fighting game which it almost already is for reasons i hope i can explain.

With killer instinct i feel it is more about the mind game rather then the strict execution (which is there if needed ). Combos can be broken by combo breakers and combo breakers can be countered with counter breakers so you really have to see your opponents patterns see what combos they do when they break yours and try and bait them to do what you want them to do. And it does feel you have the tools needed to get through everything if someone tries to keep you away with fireballs you usually have a move to get past that. For a example yesterday i fought a glacius who kept doing a light attacks in the first round and kept breaking my medium and heavy attacks so when i got to the second round i varied it up as i learned what he was doing and then broke him a lot and did light attacks and managed to win.

I just feel it needs more content and balancing and once the game has enough i feel it could be my favorite fighing game ever.......though killer instinct 1 and 2 and the xbox one has my fav soundtracks.

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