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Million arthur arcana blood coming to steam


Snk heroines coming to steam


Lol at the end


Just saw on Epic games launcher Axiom Verge is the next freebie from tommorow till the 21st February


Assassin's Creed Chronicles China free on Uplay


Another freebie


So gamestop not for sale not getting the price they think they were worth......that is some irony...perhaps would have been more with store credit´╗┐


Does anyone know the value of Doujin games (if there is any) ? Looking to sell them but i cannot find much online about how much they are worth apart from the more common ones like melty blood Metroid prime 4 starting from scratch and going to retro studios :(


A freebie game on gog Distraint Deluxe edition


I wonder if i could convince Capcom to remake Godhand


Awesome new Epic store now has a refund policy source that was one major thing i thought it missing, Now give user reviews and i think we are nearly there Bungie and activision parting ways


Streets of rage 4 looking good bigger picture here


Finally Thems Fightin herds got a update, though i am still a little worried last update was in August and usually got regular updates but then radio silence.....hoping they get back on schedule


$25 for Vegas Pro 15


Just wondered was using the Epic game launcher to get free game but saw the Terms and Conditions and screenshot them here just wondered is that the norm?


Lego hobbit free till tommorow


Company of heroes 2 free on steam at the moment


Well this is random Gods Remastered now on steam Incase people have not heard of it is a remake of a Bitmap brother game which i know for amiga but was released on 16 bit consoles to


Outcast second contact free on humble bundle


Yay got my poster


Sins of solar empire: Rebellion free for limited time


Lol the PC classic mini god the pitch video needs a better sound recording


Fighting Layer EX for Steam will not have any DRM


Pubg and Pes2019 free for xbox for limited time and they are up for preorder now ....i think will be a very limited run i have preordered mine


Hellgate london coming back to steam


Dunno if anyone read the book The Untold History Of Japanese games developer, which i thought was a really cool book. The creator is now working on a new book


Divinity Original Sin Documentary now out


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