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Video Controversy and Age Rating

How long should they be played in one sitting? Is this game suitable for kids? For as long as I can remember these have been some of the complaints with regards to video games and the gamers that play them. �The Entertainment Software As...


Destructoid Haunting's 1st Post

For almost a decade I've been like a visiting ghost haunting Destructoid on and off. Now finally (with a certain amount of courage) I have decided to say hello community. As this is my first post I have not yet found my feet with words and...


About earthnerdone of us since 8:19 AM on 12.30.2011

In a nutshell:
Got into gaming back in 1985ish with the Atari 2600 and a ZX Spectrum. Moved through both the Sega and Nintendo consoles till I moved onto the PSX and Xbox (n64 to)... then between the consoles after till finally settling down on a Xbox 360 has PS3 didn't tickle my fancy. Currently I own 360, SNES and MegaDrive.

Some of the games I've enjoyed:

Zelda Ocarina of Time
Halo Reach
Dizzy Series
Marvel Ultimate Alliance
Earthworm Jim
Final Fantasy VII
Jet Set Willy (original)

Playing at the min... It varies between halo eah, mw3, bf3 and gears3