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Vera, where have you gone? Send pix, kthxbai!

One of my best friends, whom I've made the acquaintance of only last week, hasn't contacted me. I've e-mailed her but haven't heard anything. If any of you have seen this person or have a new e-mail address, please let me know. She's even...


E for Effort: .detuned needs .retuned

.detuned by .theprodukkt I'm certainly late on the bandwagon, but finally got around to trying out a couple of PSN titles. I saw .detuned listed and vaguely remembered it being mentioned here awhile back. I'd heard of .theprodukkt before,...


It took a PS3 to make my girlfriend hardcore.

I'd seen inklings of hardcore gamery appearing in my girlfriend's repertoire. She played through Phantom Hourglass in a weekend. She was thoroughly addicted to Big Bang Mini (a shoot-em-up lite, disguised as a casual game) for awhile. She...


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My first real gaming machine would probably be the Commodore Vic20 (followed soon thereafter by the C64). I've been primarily a Nintendo console owner, but remain a PC gaming devotee. I've currently got a decent PC, a Wii and DS (purchased 5 DSes so far).