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About eXaXone of us since 5:52 PM on 02.23.2008

And Icelandic individual. 20 years old. I have my opinions on a lot of things but keep them to myself. A lurker of sorts.

I got into gaming because of my father. One of my first memories (which is somewhat deranged) is sitting in the lap of my father as he plays Doom. Granted, it was scary as hell but granted me the necessary knowledge to stop the demonic invasion of '07.

And it didn't even affect my psychological state!

Favorite games (in no particular order)

Deus Ex
MGS series
Final Fantasy VII
Silent Hill 1-3
Suikoden V
Shadow of the Colossus
Valkyrie Profile 2
Valkyrie Profile Covenant of the Plume
Haunting Ground
Lost Odyssey
Siren: Blood Curse

Furthermore, if or when I post something it's usually something I enjoy so I'll be biased as hell. Just so you know beforehand .P