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Labor Day: Dodging a Minefield

This story starts not too far away, in a tme not so long ago. More precisely, it started in my living room about a month ago, when my computer decided to take a massive shit, or so I thought. I started having graphics issues at boot up, an...


improvements: if i were in charge

I'm fairly new here at dtoid, but it has occured to me that, as awesome as this whole thing is, there is definitely room for improvements. It is my humble opinion that for dtoid to be a truely successful forum certain things are necessary. ...


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Father, gamer, rocker,zombie, all-around badass. This 29 year old sawmill hand and video game tester works hard and plays even harder. Find him on just about any fps ever made tearing up the leaderboards along while he tears up your K/D. Rocking a 6'2" 300 pound stature, overgrown beard, stretched septum ring, and multiple tats covering his body, his figure is as imposing as real life as his assault rifle on the virtual battlefield. His gaming career started when he was five and has since never found a video game that was too hard.

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