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Thomas You Cheeky Little Rectangle


Wow. Absolutely brilliant. The feelings that I had while playing and after playing this game are just indescribable. And I shouldn't say played, this was an extraordinary experience. This was also my first real Indie game experience and I was not disappointed. Thomas Was Alone is so intriguing and thought provoking. Aesthetically simple and without the narrative, it would be just another game. If you played it as just a game you'd see a puzzle side scroller where each colored piece has a different ability. But if you really tuned in and listened to the beautiful narration by Danny Wallace, then you really got it, and you probably connected to each character on a personal level as I did. 

These characters that I speak of were just simple shapes. Rectangles with stories, thoughts, feelings, and individuality. They constantly reminded you of who they were, how they felt, and what they wanted to do with their lives. They each had names and some were good, some evil, some just awkward, and some just wanted friendship. But they came together as one to help each other move through these portals to the next stages. At first they just went, but then they started asking questions like.. where are we actually going and what is waiting for as at the end? What are we really doing and why? But they had no other choice but to keep moving. No turning back and no escaping, as if in a cage. You'll have to check it out to really figure out what's going on in this rectangular world.

Fair warning the following is a character

analysis of the several rectangles

If you'd like to jump over it I promise I won't be offended

You start off with just Thomas and he was alone... See what I did there ay? anyways, Thomas is a red rectangle with a slightly upbeat persona that had an average jump height and sorta slow movement speed.

Chris is an orange square. He is quite small, very slow, and a minimal jump radius. This makes him bitter, not necessarily evil but mean and off-putting. But all he really needed was a friend.

John is the allstar. He comes in all big and bad with NBA height and the hop to match as well as the speed. He's good and he knows it. He is a bit humble, but he loves to show off when given the opportunity, and he loves having an audience.

Claire is a massive blue square, whose hop and speed are quite mediocre at best. She's just tall as John. But she's unique, she can float in the acid water where all other shapes die instantly. When she became aware of the ability she possessed, she began to look at herself as a hero, and she needed to save people. To say the least, she was very useful for the rest of the group.

Laura is a pink rectangle that's as long as john is tall and has the same height as Chris. Her jump and movement speed are about average. Her special ability is that she can be used as a trampoline to help others get to platforms where they couldn't originally. Her self esteem was low, and she had little burst of feeling good when helping others. But she began to feel used when everyone was just using her and eventually abandoned her. I understand that it's just a part of the game but think about her persona for a sec.. low self esteem, bounce off her, used and abandoned.. Just saying.

James is almost the opposite of Thomas in a matter of speaking. He is a green little fella with all the same characteristics as Thomas, except for the fact that he is inverted, or falls up instead of down. Thomas is a people person, James would rather be solo. He has a quirky weird personality and was shy about meeting everyone.

Sarah is a puny little thing. Small purple rectangle. She's a bit of a superiorist (I may have more or less made that word up). But she has the ability to perform a double jump in mid air and therefore thinks of herself to be better than all the rest and likes to show it.

Many more characters come into play with an add-on to the game that I acquired and played all as one. If you are like me, I had gotten this game as part of a package. A "Humble Bundle". 

I am a avid PewDiePie watcher and he had given me the opportunity to pay whatever I would like to purchase the bundle. It comes with I believe four other incredible indie games. The Proceeds go to Indie developers, As-well as PewDiePie's own charity, The Water Campaign. You can choose where the proceeds or the percentage of where they go at your own will. And I'll supply the link for any of you to check out as well. I definitely recommend it.

There is approximately one day left to purchase the bundle.

But back to this wonderful creation. It has opened my eyes into the indie gaming world, and I am very excited to get to experience the rest of the wonderful games out there. I highly respect indie developers and commend them on what they do.

I interacted with all these mischievous little shapes, with all their hidden agendas for about two sessions of two hours a piece until I had beaten it. I have no shame in staying up late examining my own life while playing this, even though I had philosophy class bright and early the next morning.

Thomas Was Alone, undeniably makes you think. It gets those gears up in that cranium going. "But Dizz I only thought there was Call of Duty and Madden." No bro. this is real gameplay, where real thought and real feelings are put in. Take some time out of your busy schedule of murdering everything infront of you and play this, and realize what you have been missing. And if you are one of those people that can't appreciate the immensely complex, simplicity of it, then.. I don't know. Go back to bro gaming.

Thank you Mike Bithell. You're a genius.
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