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Video Games Made Me Do It

† † † † † There is a misconception about video games. Society sees avid gamers as people wasting their lives and their time. Parents worry about their children playing video games because they assume they will become brain-dead when they ...


Thomas You Cheeky Little Rectangle

Wow. Absolutely brilliant. The feelings that I had while playing and after playing this game are just indescribable. And I shouldn't say played, this was an extraordinary experience. This was also my first real Indie game experience and I...


ctOS.. Just an Idea?

The ctOS.. The Central Operating System. The basis of "Watch Dogs" gameplay. This thing that everything is connected through. From your phone to your laptop to your car to everything else. Take a moment and think... Is this just a good a i...


Awoken in the Wastes of the Mojave

I had woken up in the Mojave one day long ago after a trip to the Gamestop at the mall. The Mojave.. a fantastic place filled with Deathclaws, Molerats, and those ever so annoying Cazadors. A beautifully amazing disgustingly terrifying des...


Ubisoft the Almighty

Ubisoft is doing it again. They have developed/are developing two of the most anticipated next gen titles, which are also at the very top of my list of purchases, "Watch Dogs" and "The Division". In Watch Dogs you play as Aiden Pearce, "...


Infinite Possibilities With New PS4 Controller

Playstation had a hard time competing with other companies in the field of the controller. The PS3 controller did not give the best feel in the gamerís hand. It felt light, and delicate, and sort of toy like. The issue mainly arose while ...


About eDiZZtr0yaone of us since 8:43 PM on 01.30.2012

Dizz is what everyone calls me.

first off lets get some shit straight.
professionalism is cool, where necessary.
my blog isn't something I aim to be a journalism powerhouse. I am here to write about what erks me and what makes me happy. if you have the same interests, by all means chill with me and my conflicted and fucked up mind. and if not, than yeah.. whatever.

I love video games and I plan to pursue Game Development at Full Sail University after I have completed my Bachelors in Computer Science at UGA. Video games are interactive art, Teaching, learning, and a book you can take part in, they are experiences and emotions and I want to be able to make people feel and think differently when they play the games I'll hopefully develop one day. Now listen, I'm not talking about games like call of duty, and mindless shooters. I'm talking about real and pure artistry and thoughtful storylines like Fallout New Vegas, Bioshock Infinite, and The Elder Scrolls games.

Yeah I have a YouTube channel, but no it is not fully up and running and no it is not only for talk about videogames, but just about whatever. Check it out or don't, i can't promise there's a lot on there right now.