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Skate Demo Drops the 21st

If youíre like me youíve been logging onto xbox live every 30 seconds since Wednesday to check if the Skate demo is out yet, then tomorrow will be a glorious day. Despite the bioshocks, mass effects and halo triples coming out, this game i...


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Is it strange that some of my most vivid early childhood memories are of games? Well I'm posting this on a game website so I guess not exactly, but I remember the first time I saw my cousin playing sega master system, and when my dad installed F16, some James bond game, and Stunts on our DOS pc. Before I could really write, I had memorized the commands to start up those games. I eventually got the same Sega Master System from my cousin as hand-me-down, and my mom didn't tell me about it for six months because she feared that, at age five, I would become addicted. Thus began my odd journey through years with video games. I took an different path with the systems I've owned and games I've played since then.

My second console was a Genesis in the 16-bit days. I never owned a SNES so I missed out on a lot of great games from that era. My favorite gaming memory from that time was when I first got Street Fighter 2:CE I would read the manuel before going to sleep to memorize all the commands and names of the special moves. Next up was my Playstation that served me well through the years and had my favorite game of all time Metal Gear Solid. Metal Gear blew me away with how good the story was, and how well it was told (I will probably buy a PS3 just to play MGS4... sigh). With the PS2/Cube/Xbox generation I was finally old enough to have a bit of financial responsibility, so for the first time ever I crossed the party lines and eventually owned all three systems. Freshmen year of high school 4v4 Halo:CE matches every Friday were the highlight of my week. About Half way into that generation of consoles I got back into to PC gaming, and with the help of DSL finally being available in my area began to stray away from my PS2. I built my own PC (an expensive addiction I'm still battling), and began to shoot up treats on the interwebs with my friends. I graduated from High School in 2005 and I'm currently serving indentured slavery at UC Davis without any sort of direction or focus. I thought my gaming habits would taper off, and do an extent they have, but I'm still devote a pretty decent chunk of my time to gaming or reading about gaming. Over summer I sold off my most recent computer build, and settled down with just a 360box. I am considering building up another PC soon (COD4 + mousekeyboard >>> COD4 + controller), and if I do I'll probably just end up playing CAL counter strike and DOTA again. Say what you will about the annoying pricks that play CS, they are still 100 times easier for me to deal with than the average xbox live player.

I'm here at destructoid because i like how much honesty all the editors have. Gaming has become inflated with advertisements and mega companies, and a lot of other sites forget what it's actually about. I hope the trend in gaming in the next few years takes more steps toward originality, and new ways to tell stories with games. Thatís probably a bit of wishful thinking. So with that I'll try not to suck, and STFUAJPG.

also, bewbs
-Sam aka e4te