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A Love Letter to Destructoid

Destructoid...we sure have had some good times huh? Remember sharing that bottle of
cheap red wine; I slipped into my Assassin's cloak, turned on some of the best of Final
Fantasy, and did what assassins do best, from behind, all night long. Ah, the good old days.
But let's get down to brass tacks, huh babe?

If we want to make this thing work, some changes have to be made. I recently purchased a
DS, my first pure video game system ever. I'd been planning the purchase for weeks; in
preparation I went to the internet to look for some game reviews. The first person I turned
to you was you, but things just didn't work out...

First I tried to just look at DS articles, and there were a lot of them, but this made finding
reviews a bit tedious. Then I clicked reviews. This gave me a list of all game reviews, and
even some articles about game reviews. What I really would have appreciated though, is if
I knew what systems those games were for. I know it might be too soon to talk about the
future, but I was really hoping you might even implement that same feature for the rest of
your articles as well: explicitly stating at the top what platforms we're talking about. Ya
know, like that old gal Gamespy does. I realize that cross-referencing DS AND Reviews
would be out of the question, but we need a compromise here, hon. Otherwise, I just don't
see where this relationship is going.

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