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MGS VR Missions Remake (Help!)

I'm recreating the Virtual Reality Missions from Metal Gear Solid (you can read up on my progress here). I'm working alone, tweaking the Source code and creating the maps. The hardest part for me is actually playing through the VR Missions...


AudioChromatica (or..Please Play My Game)

So I developed this game about a year ago, initially inspired by the idea of combining Sim City with Guitar Hero.It didn't turn out that way, but those are the roots of this game. As it stands now it's a fast-paced puzzle game. I haven't g...


A Love Letter to Destructoid

Destructoid...we sure have had some good times huh? Remember sharing that bottle of cheap red wine; I slipped into my Assassin's cloak, turned on some of the best of Final Fantasy, and did what assassins do best, from behind, all night lo...


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