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Penny Arcade Adventures Demo (OMGYES!)


Penny Arcade Adventures is finally here and to my surprise its actually ALOT of fun! If you are the type of person that enjoyed the humor of monkey island, the vulgarity of penny arcade and the art styles of both. Look no further, penny arcade adventures might be the game for you!

Tho the demo is short, it provided me with enough to want to purchase this game and play more. The visuals are clean and beautiful, the controls seem to be damn near flawless. From what ive seen so far from playing the demo. This game seems to be fully polished and of great quality.

First you dive down into the character creation system, with a reasonable amount of selections to choose from to customize your character. After you do so, your character will actually appear drawn out in the comic cut scenes which is quite awesome that they went through and did all that work to make you feel more part of the story with the character you created.

The visuals in the game remind me so much of monkey island, grim fandango, and of course the penny arcade comics. They did a wonderful job of making everything very cartoony and VERY clean. It is a style that many don't do a good job of replicating into a 3d environment but these guys have pulled it off!

The combat system may not be for everyone. Its turn based and it gets most of roots from final fantasy's combat system. I'm not sure how it will play on the 360 but on the PC it was quite easy to manage and you get a hang of it really quick. Honestly, i thought it was easier to pick up than final fantasy.

Control wise for PC its very basic, when your not in combat you move around mouse click (or holding down the mouse button) like diablo II, then walk up to objects and click on them to break them open or to pick them up. Same goes with interacting with people. It is an old but very simple model, and since your not really using it for combat like the old games, it makes it bearable.

Overall this demo pleased me, the humor from the narrator, and from the characters themselves had me laughing the whole way through. The items in the world, and pretty much everything else has some sort of monkey island / penny arcade style humor to it.

If this is the quality we are to be given from headgames, then I really cannot WAIT for deathspank to rear its head. These guys have put together a promising game that could bring back that old style fun & humor from the Monkey Island / Grim Fandango Days.
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