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GFW Free, What microsoft can do next!


So, now that microsoft realized there is no way in hell your going to get pc gamers to pay for shit other than mmos for online playing services, they finally lifted the fees on games for windows live.. whats the next step then? Well they said they are bringing up a digital distribution platform, thats good. But what can they do to expand on this?

Let us take the rout of steam, you know they probably will, but im wondering how many of them have really chopped up a concept yet for what they can do. So I give you.. my concept of the Games for Windows Live Dashboard.

Fullscreen Dashboard (like media center): PC Gamers essentially can just sit back, use remotes or wireless keyboards / mice and navigate through their gaming library and do what they need to do without having to navigate through the desktop if they do not desire it.

Dashboard Messenger: When the user feels the need to close the fullscreen dash board, or just want a more minimal approach to it they can minimize the dashboard to a messenger of sorts. Which in this messenger it will essentially play out like steam when its in its collapsed form. From here they can see their friends that are on live currently, and what games they are playing, and with a simple right click they can join the fun.

These two points encompass the overall concept of how the GFWL dashboard can play out, and we all know microsoft is going to go for some sort of shiny over robust look so I tried to hit near it, even tho i prefer valves simplistic style, this will still suffice for now.

For A Full Image of the one above click hereBIG IMAGE IS BIG

I bring this concept forward simply because the current GFWL dashboard setup is total shit, I mean seriously its lacking in every department. Its like someone took the old 360 dashboard, pissed on it, sent it through a blender, lit it on fire and then some how managed to shove it up a ticks ass and infect it with lime disease.

Microsoft made the first big step, now its time to rework the entire dashboard for GFWL and drag more people into, along with pushing the 'cross platform' concept further, because recently that shit has just fallen off a truck. Dont say its not possible either, just look at how they did it with UT3 on ps3/pc - there are balances that can be made.

Now discuss :D <3
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