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10 Things you are being forced to know about Dyslixec :D <3


Hell my fellow dtoiders, take a seat over there. I am going to take you on an adventure of memories past, and show you the candy land of many dreams. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your beverages and the show as you learn more about the one they call dyslixec (or the REAL mikey :P).

NUMBER 10: Empire of the Sun turned me into a world war 2 / nazi fanatic
When I first moved to North Carolina back in 95, I was about 10 years old at the time, my parents were going out for the night and took me to blockbuster so I could pick out a movie to watch. I was browsing the store until I came across this box .. with a picture of a plane burning and falling towards the ground with the sunset behind it. I was like "oo war movie" *yank* and picked that as my film for the night. Little did I know this film completely changed my desire to learn more about history. Since that movie I have come to memorize almost every major key battle, down to date & times. And I have the strange obsessive ability to name off every aircraft, vehicle, & weapon of ww2 just by their silhouette.

NUMBER 9: I own over $3,000 worth in PC Games.
Yes, being a gamer all my life, I mainly took most of my playtime on the PC and I still own a huge chunk of my original collection all in their original boxes. Including some rarities that go for over $150 these days on ebay. I cherish them, and will never let go of them because they mark a history for me that got me inspired to want to be a part of this industry in making games. They are ... my 'experience' time line to say the least.

NUMBER 8: I use to boogie board
In the days of youth, I lived in florida. Being only 5 minutes away from the beach, every weekend me and my dad would go out there and boogie board. Doing barrel rolls, 360's, and ps tripples all over the waves, I took many scars from banging into the sandy / shell covered shores of West Palm Beach, and miss it very much :( Its been ... shit.. 15 years since ive done that :(.

NUMBER 7: I am a professional graphic designer.
I have been using the ways of the shoops since 1999, and over those past 8/9 years I have grown with this tool they call the photoshops that it has brought me much prosperity & strength to my career. From 2003 onto 2007 I worked for a web design company building web layouts, advertisements, & banners for local companies, and in those wonderful years my skills have jumped drastically. But Currently I am on the verge of losing my mind, because I think I lost my photoshop CD and if thats the case.... I just lost $600 :(.

NUMBER 6: I have been to Area-51
One summers day, when we ventured out into the land they call Las Vegas. I convinced my parents to spend a whole day to take a detour with me up towards a little secluded town called Rachel. Well this town lives on a very famous highway called the Extraterrestrial Highway. And is home of the famous alien dinner & the smallest museum in the world. The town is also comprised of some of the creepiest vibes you will ever feel walking through a small town. Everyone there seemed like robots / and or aliens themselves. It was really creepy... Anyways this town Rachel is the infamous town that is right next door to Area-51.

Now while we were out there, my parents went to the creepy diner and listened to the aliens talk about being abducted by other aliens. I stood outside and scoped out the area. Interestingly enough I heard some strange noises up in the sky. It was aircraft no doubt but nothing ive ever heard before. Anyways after the town we drove back towards vegas .. but right before we left Rachel completely.. we stopped on groom lake road (the road which leads into the base itself). Where the infamous black mail box is. From there we drove down groom lake road which was nothing but dirt in the middle of nowhere. However.. after about 5 minutes into the drive.. you start seeing these strange objects sitting off to the side of the road. On closer inspection it looks like sensors of some kind, and some objects were barrels with slots cut into them as if cameras were sitting in there. After running into that my parents decided to turn around and go back to where society doesn't disappear lol.

NUMBER 5: I played in the on the team that went to the little league world series a couple years back.
When I lived in West Palm Beach, Florida, I used to play for the boynton beach little leage, the group that made it to the Little League World Series a couple years back. I mainly played catcher / right field positions. And was RBI hitter of the year the last year I played for them. Unfortunately I lost interest in the sport, and me playing vanished into the histories. Somewhat I do miss it, but at the same time, I loved hockey more ;).

NUMBER 4: I never got hazed here.
Unlike many of you other nublets out there, when I first joined Destructoid I did not receive a brutal hazing. I got my claim to fame by shooping a chick that we raided on stickam and was brought into the ranks of the abusers just days after I started chatting on the website. I felt like the silent wise man amongst the crew, somehow I got respect, maybe it was the heads of goats I left on everybody's door step, but I think it was more just my internet jazz.

NUMBER 3: I have to pee

NUMBER 2: I already have experience working in the game design industry!
Only for about a year however. I worked for cdv Software Entertainment in an internship position as a web manager & QA Tester. First day on the job I got me a bottle of rum & a beach towel. It was a job I will never forget and loved very much. However schooling got in the way and really is more important to me at the moment so I am trying to finish up my educations before I go back into the industry :).

Let it be known, if you do not know this already, I AM a Pittsburgh boy. I may have been born in Florida, but because of my moms roots from Pittsburgh, I bleed black and gold and I always will. Pittsburgh is something to me more than many other things. Like any other burgher, this super bowl win was a national holiday for us (you realize they gave 2 hour delays to schools in Pittsburgh on Monday because of the super bowl - and that half the city is shut down for the parade today). Now while football is not my main passion, I will still bleed black and gold, because you are either Pittsburgh all the way or not at all. GO PENGUINS!!!!!! >:D
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