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My suggestion for getting rid of tedious Dialogue Trees

How many hours have I spent in Oblivion, Fallout and Dragon Age trying out various dialogue options? I have reloaded many save files because I was not happy with the end result and thinking �If I chose dialogue option 3 maybe I will get ...


Ultima 4 is still a revolutionary game

I remember getting this game for my Apple IIc and was blown away by the immersion. Questions taht I found myself asking I traversed the world were Wow there is a day night cycle and NPCs react to the time of day? I need reagents for sp...


Renter's impressions of operation Flashpoint : DR

I rented this game on Friday. ( BTW, I am disappointed with blockbuster's new rental policy: 5 days and then they charge 1 dollar a day thereafter). I got as far as mission three so far. To summarize my thoughts. I liked the intro v...


Are reviews getting harder to Believe?

I purchased NFS: Shift last week due to glowing reviews by IGN and Gametrailers; choosing to ignore the 6s and 7s from other reviews. I have to admit I was disappointed with the game. I was expecting a ground breaking sim racer and I rece...


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I am a College teacher in Annapolis, MD. I am a fan of the Green Bay Packers and play video games as a hobby.
I am very interested in the growth of video games and think it is the next media form of artistic expression.
I find Destructoid to be one of the better video game websites to be pushing the boundaries on issues in the video game world and appreciate most of their content.

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