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Microtransactions and greed.

I recently purchased Destiny 2 when it was announced in February; I went straight to gamestop and pre ordered it because I knew my friends were all getting it and we played the first one religiously.  My clan is (was now) a group ...


The gift of fanfic

So maybe something is wrong with me but I wrote some destiny fan fiction, here goes.... graphic sexual content warning... SERIOUSLY... I mostly wrote this because people were writing lore on the forums and I loved the game but we shoul...


Life and death and games

My best friend passed away exactly a month ago, from Glioblastoma; it's a 100% fatal aggressive brain cancer that doesn't respond to treatments.  He was 35.  We'd been friends for 25 years.  I miss him.  He was a gi...


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I was created by splicing gorilla and tyrannosarus DNA with Chuck Norris and the only tear that the terminator ever produced when he felt human emotion. I then was trained by Mike Tyson whom I later bested in armwrestling and in a bare knuckle match.