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I was transplanted onto American soil nearly 8 years ago from the country that brought you best pope in the history of all popes (deceased). I'm currently working for a pharmaceutical advertising company, making sure that everything prints as it should.

Mandatory "gaming is my life" origin story:
I played my first computer game in the mid-80's, and if my memory serves me well it was "Jetpack" on my crazy uncle's ZX Spectrum. I was six back then or something like that.
Do I have to say that I was immediately hooked?
After that, I discovered arcades. About the same time my parents got me an Atari 130XE, then I moved to the Atari 520 ST (a gift from the same insane uncle). By the end of elementary school, my dad got me a PC (486SX), and my life was complete.

I also like salt, A LOT.