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Playing With Power: Pt. 1

I originally wrote this in 2011, during the whole Nintendo finance mess that was all over the news. It's relevant once again as the Wii U falters and Nintendo starts falling off the cliff one more time. What you are about to read, should y...


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I've worked for the video game industry for about 15 years, including stints at Nintendo, Microsoft, Viacom, and Harmonix Music. In my time I have worn the hats of Community Moderator, Public Relations, Marketing Adviser, Brand Rep, and many more, but the majority of my experience has been as an Event Specialist and Brand Consultant. I've been behind the scenes of many of the last decade's biggest console launches, trade shows, exhibitions, tours, marketing and promotional campaigns.

In that time I have built up a huge notebook full of anecdotes, stories, photos, and videos. Sometimes, when relevant, I share them.

Destructoid told me to get fancy by adding a photo, so here's one of me demo'ing Rock Band 3 live on G4 during E3.