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GTA IV: Beaten


Rob Taylor, deputy editor of Xbox World 360 magazine, has completed the entire main story thread of Grand Theft Auto 4. Not suprisingly, he really had nothing but good things to say about The Game. There is a spoiler-free interview with him over at GamesRadar. Here is an excerpt:

If you had to pick a favourite out of all the games in the series now which one would it be?
GTA IV. By a country mile. It craps on all the others even the mighty Vice City from a height equivalent to the Statue of Happiness. Believe me, GTA IV is even better than the hype suggests!

While that is nice to hear, I still get nervous about game previews. Its very rare that someone points out the flaws that they see while previewing the game (This is the only preview I have seen that has been remotely critical), but hopefully when the forthcoming Destructoid preview goes up, that will be a different story.

Check it:
He's finished Grand Theft Auto IV!
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