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Fallout: New Vegas OXM Preview

OXM Magazine did a preview of Fallout New Vegas. Found this on NMA


New information revealed (with some very minor spoilers):

*The Brotherhood of Steel is back, but the core story revolves around the NCR and Caesar's Legion.

*SPECIAL now has descriptions - eg CHA 10 = Cult Leader, EN 1 = Basically Dead.
(Those descriptions for Strength: 10 - Hercules' Bigger Cousin 9 - Doomsday Pecs 8 - Circus Strongman 7 - Beach Bully 6 - Barrel Chested 5 - Average Joe 4 - Lightweight 3 - Doughy Baby 2 - Beached Jellyfish 1 - Wet Noodle)

*You get a Vault 21 jumpsuit from the doc who revives you, along with a pistol and a Pip Boy 3000.

*Weapons can be modified, but modifications only have positive results. The magazine implies you won't need to make a choice between different mods, because they won't be mutually exclusive.
(And a little later the magazine contradicts itself by writing that adding a larger magazine increases reload times.)

*Every weapon has a special attack, not just the golf club. It seems that Fore! does not mean groin shots are back for every weapon.

*Guns have different knockback amounts, pistols don't do much, shotguns blast people away.

*There's a town-specific reputation, and Obsidian has 'hinted' that the reputation will impact endings.

*Karma has been overhauled, tracking the factions and ideologies that you agree with.

*Nightkin are back, as blue-skinned Super Mutants who've gone schizophrenic through Stealth Boy use. They attack you while cloaked, deactivating cloak at the last minute to hit you with a club.

*The Tabitha situation can also be resolved by convincing Tabitha to revolt against the other Super Mutants.

*Helios One is not only a power plant, but also the location of the controls of a solar weapon developed by Poseidon Energy which you can employ yourself.

*You can now choose the main character's age.
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