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I AM strong and stable! I AM!


"Breath of the Wild is both a masterpiece and a disaster" CONFLICT IN TITLE REPORTED


Do you guys ever read old reviews? Even for games you've already played?


Writing for exposure 'ey. I'm doing that right... Now.


I love reading Polygon. It narrows my hate, and makes me stronger.


This movie poster didn't go down half as well as I thought it would.


Came home from work. Duh-duh,duh-duh. Played Thimbleweed Park. Duh-duh,duh-duh. Ate my dinner. Duh-duh,duh-duh. Returned to ma' pc. Duh-duh,duh-duh. Now its completed. Duh-duh,duh-duh. Wrote a review. Duh-duh,duh-duh. Now my eyes hurt cos its 2am...


Hey guys... If you ever visit Britain you will *never* meet anything resembling a Boris Johnson.


Good heavens. I'm fucking bored!


"Noob" the online child screams. "Noob, Noob, NOOB". After he leaves we mount a tremendous comeback in Rocket League. "Ah", i say to out-loud to myself. "Who is the Noob now". I don't bother replying to myself.


I'm a huge fan of differing opinions, especially when they're explained and justified for the individual. 7/10


In the dead of night, beware the Turd Weasel.


Step 1. Remove all evidence that I have been to work today. Step 2. Wait for the install process and shiver as the cold gathers around my body. Step 3. Bask in the warmth of new Zelda.


Saw that a car had parked through the window of the local estate agents. Police on scene. Mood improved by 37%.


Rubs sleep from eye... "Oh an email"... The following items have been unexpectedly delayed: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Yawn... Blink... "Amazon! You massive CUN-"


I've been told my writing's disorganised and hard to read... I'm ok with that. Flibble.


I've VR and I don't have Resi Evil 7. I've been playing Crusader Kings 2 again. I am a fool, an inbred, lunatic fool with 2 kingdoms.


Quote from EVE: Valkyrie review: - Much has been made of how Playstation VR games don’t look as sexy as your regular everyday games and that’s true. It’s also true regular games don’t strap your fucking head into a new world.


Hey guys, do you think the VR cheerleaders are sycophants who opinions are made redundant by blind optimism?


Any of my UK friends know where I can buy PS-VR? Had it pre-ordered since March. Amazon bullshitted me that it's safe and coming till this morning. The lying fucking scumbags.


I still regularly hum the music to Final Fantasy 7. I wonder if this is a medical condition?


Farewell sweet Noih. Rest your little demo head.


He-He, Ho-Ho, Ha-Ha. My disgusting embargo breaking review of Uncharted 4 was a hit. Based on massive lies, which mostly turned out to be true. Lying is fun. Or is it? Or IS it?


That Nioh demo was a surprise, wasn't it.


Has anyone found any reviews of that Uncharted 4 computer game? Ya' know, considering a load of copies fell off the back of a truck.


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