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I'm Hella Rusty in MW2 and it Shows

While initially I prided myself on completing the game on veteran, I see now that my neglecting multiplayer has caught up to me. You see, this goofy kid from work I hang out with from time to time finally got his shit together and got a 360. On my recommendation he picked up MW2 and I finally got my chance to play with him online tonight. As I'm sitting here typing this, he is positively cleaning up with 19 kills and 2 deaths while I'm sitting, well, 2 kills and 9 deaths. Yes, it's degrading, but I assure you all I really am better than my level 13 would indicate.

Anyways, I suppose the real reason I haven't excelled like my colleagues is that I've just been too wrapped up in Bayonetta/Army of Two lately. Both of which are good games, but sadly it has detracted from multiplayer usefulness in this particular shooter.

What vices have you all had that have kept you from being all that you can be to your online teammates?
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