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Games as art.

This is really getting to me. Everywhere I look at the moment everyone is arguing about games as art.
People itís the dumbest argument ever.
Computer games are not art. What the hell is then?
No seriously. What is art?
In 1917 a guy called Duchamp stuck a urinal in a gallery. He called it art

ďBy conferring the status of "art" to a urinal Duchamp forced viewers to see the object in a new light. Doing so overthrew artistic conventions concerning meaning and aesthetics. The context of an object has a significant effect on the meaning one gathers from that object. In a broad context, the Fountain reminds the viewer of how interpretation and meaning are inherently relative and dependent upon perspective.Ē
- wiki

His point is anything is art if you decide it is.
Stop the incessant arguing. Halo (and I hate to say this) is art. So is Okami. So was Zork and so was SQ1. Wolfenstien is art. MarioKarts is art. even mortal kombat II was art (to me).
Every aspect of every game is art. the music is art, the story is art. the 3d poly sculptures are art. When it fails it's just bad art. does that make it no longer art?

The one thing games arenít, is a comparable medium. Thatís like trying to say books have less meaning artistically than music.

wiki's references
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