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I recently got my hands on the rereleased Chronotrigger for DS (I know, a bit slow but I was saving lives in the third world. slightly hard to get ds games out there). Anyways long story short, I got horrendously sick the moment I touched b...


Topical topic. (not game relevant)

I like playing games high. I admit it. When I was a kid Iíd get really fucked up then go kill people on quake (No.1 baby!) for hours. Nothing beats a friday night fight with shitloads of meth and twitchy kill counterstrike. Awesome. Though ...


Games as art.

This is really getting to me. Everywhere I look at the moment everyone is arguing about games as art. People itís the dumbest argument ever. Computer games are not art. What the hell is then? No seriously. What is art? In 1917 a guy calle...


Computer games addiction

Recently I was at a medical conference when someone gave a talk about computer game addiction. For those of you that wonder what a medical conference is like imaging to Tokyo games show, except the booth babes are pharmaceutical reps and th...


Cock Science

After my last entry about boobies I was going to continue with the general medical disgusting theme. I was amazed at the interest it garnered. I guess thatís what putting boobies in your title will do. On the forums when I introduced myself...



Hi, today I want to talk about boobies. Not just any boobies, but fake boobies. Being medically inclined I donít really have a hell of a lot to do with the latest and greatest gaming news. Instead my job has a lot to do with boobies. I get...


In the beginning

Iíve been told that before you die there is a flash of everything you ever were. I donít think itíll happen to me though. If it does, I hope I can change the channel. I havenít had much of an interesting life and, to be honest, I donít thin...


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Lately it seems that tetris has become my entire life. I could use some analogy and say that every portion of my well rounded existance correlates with a tetragon. Every piece falingl together as I play, but I won't. I've just been playing a lot of tetris because its an easy procrastion.
Interestingly I've also been doing a lot of rock climbing, which is kind of tetris in reverse when you think about it.
I'm not too sure about any other particular interests but I find I'm well informed about world status. I do this by checking my email every five minutes. You never know, someone might have written to you since you last looked. I'm also interested in philosophical physics which is like saying you like religous mathematics or even possibly metaphysical cooking. Except I do actually like it.
I also like noise in the background. My favourite is a radio on just loud enough to hear a humm but not loud enough to actually hear the moronic things that radio DJ's are actually saying.
I dont have a T.V
If anyone finds out anything interesting about me, it would be really good if they could tell me. Unfortunatly I always seem to the last person to find out about things, especially about my own life.
As a side note if anyone could also let me know how they put the fillings in chocolates I'd also be very interested.