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PAX09 first thoughts and thanks

I am sitting on plane for Hawaii next to perhaps Dtoid's biggest fan. She has just looked at a picture of the founder and spirit guide, Niero, and asked "Why are we so far away from these people?". I give her a hug, and discover I am hold...


About drewloidone of us since 11:45 PM on 06.25.2009

First off, know the truth, I am not a hardcore gamer. I play the occasional game, sometimes on my iphone, sometimes on my nintendo ds, sometimes on my wii. Although I am a big fan of "we love katamari" on the ps2. And the preponderance of cute little games on the xbox are getting me tempted to get one. I"m here to read your awesome posts and keep up with this corner of the world.

I gave up my satellite TV service when I realized I was watching only the sci fi channel and adult swim, and I can get my fixes off the net. I like the quirky and the odd, like metalocolypse and harvey birdman, you know, TV for the ADD generation.

I used to make my living writing software, and I've worked at Microware, Cray Research, Microsoft, and CSR if you've ever heard of any of them.

I like games that are simple to get started on grab my attention to the point of addiction and I become obsessed. I like guitar hero, but my real dream would be to own a stand up qbert and dig-dug. I've started to get hooked on some silly iphone games.

My close brush with gaming fame is the co-creator of the atari 2600 is buddy of mine.

The only console I own at present is an Wii (at least until bushofghosts pries it out of me due my neglect). I do think it is a brilliant piece of work.

And my name really is Drew.

Contact me at [email protected]