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Tales of Etrian Odyssey

Down in the dungeon we were. Aye, there were five of us. Battered and bruised, but not
beaten; we trudged onward. We hacked through crabs, slimes, and beasts like they were
weeds. Even the more powerful FOEs were no match for us. Oh, but the labyrinth has it's
perils. Things even we could not prepare for.

Butterflies, ants, and beetles; we fought our share of bugs, but some bugs could not be
defeated. For example, a mysterious pearl found it's way into my backpack. I believed it was
cursed, for the item could not be removed. Others have said this pearl is a special type of
bug. Whatever the case, it was certainly unusual.

Speaking of unusual, there was a time when I ventured out alone to fight a crab... Along the
way I killed an ant, and returned to town. I told everybody I killed the crab and they all
believed me. That was weird. Everybody made a fuss and gave me a rewards over some
accomplishment that was a total lie. I felt bad, so I later went out alone and killed the crab for

In the end, we killed everything in that labyrinth. All but one beast who never showed it's
face. There was a FOE glowing redder and brighter than any other beast in the dungeon. It
always appeared at the most inopportune times. I felt that the world would cease to exist if I
went near that foe, so I always ran. It called out after me in a vile voice yelling, "Ah! The

That's one beast that no adventure wants to fight. Trust me on this.
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