DeS: Jensen, Sneaky and Smoothie demoted from Cloud9s LoL roster

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A Christmas Story

This is not a news update, nor is it a revealing insight into the gaming condition. No, this is a christmas story of sorts. My friend's little brother got a PSP for christmas. Cool, sony is awesome. I like PSP's. half an hour later he came...


Uncharted 2 Multiplayer: what am i doing wrong?

let me explain, two weeks ago i bought a ps3. three years of mind numbing anticipation was released with the parallel release of 300 big ones. i was finally on the curve with the rest of gaming society. i went to gamestop to purchase my fir...


Ceremonial Introductory Post (Or Who I Am)

Bonjour respectable Destructoid community! I Am dragracedude. And now that a certain fall sport that requires pads and a helmet to play is over, I can begin my long awaited quest to make my voice fapped in the vast sea of meaningless opinio...


About dragracedudeone of us since 4:19 PM on 10.24.2009

Hello, I am dragracedude! I love videogames, paintball and (dare I say it?) playing sports. The first game i ever played was Super mario Bros. at a day care center my mom put me in. Needless to say that game sparked a lifelong interest in videogames and tech culture. I also was exposed to an unhealthy amount of Radical Rex, but don't ask me about it because it brings back unhealthy memories filled with a Orange and Magenta palette.