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Reviewing Ninja Warrior [The Extreme War]


Do you remember playing cool ninja games on your Android device? These are one of the fun action games that are available on the Play store. Most of these ninja games were in 2D and were not there in the category of 3D adventure games or 3D action games. But now the time has changed as we have a new 3D ninja game on the Play Store.  

I have just played the new Ninja Warrior-The Extreme War and it is amazing. It is in the category of adventures games and action games and is developed by WorkLooper Consultancy Private Limited. Unlike other ninja games, Ninja Warrior-The Extreme War is available in 3D which makes it a top choice among all of the online action games. It is better than most of the online adventure games and which are available in 2D only. This game has 9 stages and the game moves like a story so it is just not among the other ninja games for kids and will keep you attached to the game until it ends. You can download game online as it is available among the free download games for mobile. It is just a matter of time until it becomes one of the most popular online games.

Game Screenshot 1

About the Ninja Warrior-

Our protagonist ninja can do much more than the other ninjas in most of the ninja games. It has a bow and arrow along with a sword at the beginning of the game. You can switch between the weapons anytime in the game. The character can run, hop and walk in the game and is certainly a top game in this genre. In every stage, the character proceeds in the game and has to kill all the enemies. The ninja warrior even gets a horse in the later stages of the game making it one of the best adventure games.


The ninja warrior begins with a bow and arrow along with a sword. A player can choose in between those two but as the game proceeds and you reach the higher levels, you can unlock more weapons in the game. These weapons have a scythe, an axe, a greatsword which is more effective, a war hammer and more. These weapons show 3D details like every other good Android 3d games.


The game has a good storyline and the story gets intense as you move forward in the game. You have to find and eliminate all the enemies in every stage to move forward in the game. Therefore, I put this game in my personal top 10 adventure games.

Image 2

Animation and graphics:

The game consists of some great graphics and 3d animation. It is one of the best 3d games that are available on the PlayStore for Androids. This is one of the reasons that I loved this game from the moment I started playing it. This is why Ninja Warrior- The Extreme War is one of the best 3D games among all the Android 3d games that are available on the Play Store.

Game size and compatibility:

One of the best things about this game is that it is not of the too big size and is very much compatible with almost every Android mobile. I have put this game among the top 3d games because this game does not take a lot of the disk space on your phone, just 51 MB and it runs very smoothly.

Overall experience:

It is a good play and keeps you attached to the game. The storyline is simple but the game gets more intense as you move forward in the game. The game is backed up with some great animation and 3D graphics which makes one of the best among all the new 3D games. Hope you will enjoy the game as well.

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