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OMG! My proudest achievement ever - Meet Your Maker!


Last night something very special happened - I earned the "Meet Your Maker" achievement on Guitar Hero III. For those not in the know; this means that by some coincidence, I just so happened to get matched online against one of the development team from guitar hero and I beat them. What makes it even sweeter is that it was on a song I'd not even got to on career, so it was the first time I'd ever had a go at it! Whoop-de-whoop!

I have quite a modest gamerscore but this single achievement means much, much more to me than the 20G I got for it as I haven't actually seen anyone else with it just yet. I invite the destructoid community to make haste and piss on my parade by telling me that everyone has this achievement and I should shut up. Or failing that I leave the open question: what's your favorite achievement that you've earned and why?

Anyway, I need to go call my grandma and tell her the good news!
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About double2one of us since 5:33 AM on 06.11.2007

I will do this properly soon...

The short of it is: I started on an Atari ST back in the 80's as a little kid playing Fun School 4 (which I will still stand by as the best educational video game EVAR!) and James Pond with my little brother. Eventually I moved on to PC, specifically Lucas Arts point and click games, The Incredible Machine and Prince of Persia...cd\games\prince :D yay!

However I was converted to Nintendo upon winning a NES shortly after they had just come out. I will forever be in the debt of Golden Grahams for making me the kid who owned Super Mario Bros.

I then stood by Nintendo religiously, especially during the dark ages of N64 and Gamecube , idolizing Shigeru Miomoto as my Jesus and creator of everything fantastic. It was only when Rare were bought by Microsoft, I gave in and submitted my Gamecube to EXT3 on the back of my telly to make space for my new, shiny, bought-on-my-credit-card-and-probably-still-haven't-paid-off-credit-card Xbox.

Oh I also owned a PS2 in brief amounts to play the GTAs, and would sell it as soon as I had raped them. Seriously, I felt like I was sitting in the house with someone who had murdered my family so I just couldn't bring myself to keep the thing. Fucking aids ridden monstrosity of a chav console...

I say that, but then Little Big Planet came out and stole my heart and I now own a PS3 as well. Madness. However, even LBP has taken a backseat to Fat Princess (the only game I play on PS3, and what a game!)


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