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Holy Nostradamus Batman! MW2 UK priceslash!


As predicted by yours truly, Call of Duty:Modern Warfare 2 is much, much, much cheaper to get hold of in the UK than the 55 "bad hype is still hype" mark we were informed of months ago.

In case any fellow UK types haven't heard, here's the lowdown! Tonight, Sainsbury's ran an ad informing the unwitting public that COD:MW2 will be on sale, from launch for 26 smackers. Gosh blimey. I was pretty much bang on the money (be it with the wrong retailer). See anyone in Milton Keynes there at 7am!

You can actually get it even cheaper too believe it or not. A whole QUID cheaper! Tescos, with their cut throat tactics, as proven with the similar incident last month surrounding the launch of FIFA 10, are selling the game for 25 when bought with another full priced game. I don't know the exact details on this, but it may be worth a gander if Sainsbury's sell out as they obviously will around 7:01am.

Oh and on a final note, Gamestation, Game and Block-full-of-shit-buster have all told me that they will not be pricematching the supermarket prices and will be selling at the 40-45 mark. You know, the same price ALL fucking games sell for? Activision need to win a prize for the amount of viral marketing they managed to do with this game, they are evil geniuses...
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