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Brasil: This is how we play!

Well, not everyone of you knows how the Game Industry "works" here, so I'll try to give you a little brief. Every single 'marketman' says that the Brazilian Game Industry is promessing and has a lot to explore. That's right but, we're no...


About doseletalone of us since 11:53 PM on 06.26.2009

Well, there's not enough words to describe me. Thats because:

1- My Englsih don't suck, but it's far to be perfect
2- I can't make a decent Bio even in Portuguese (my native language).

My name is William (believe me, it's a common name even in my country. I'm from Brazil (live and born here), 20 years old, and... gamer. I play video games since I was a little and annoying 5 year old boy, it was an Generic Atari that I played, and I was completely in love for that thing. Yeah, in 1994 I was playing Atari games while you rich boys were playing your powerful PSX!

It's 1997, progress has come and after lots of lots of tears I won my 16-bit console that was my SNES in the time (my other lot of tears was useless against my evil dad and I didn't get a Mega Drive. yeah MEGA DRIVE, not GENESIS!), it was my partner for a long period of 3 years! This was the time that I really could call myself a real gamer, it's when my love for that freakin' brick plugged in my 14" CRT TV has finally bloomed (so emo T.T). Since that playful age I'm a fannatic for gaming and hee I am trying to write something about it.

That person from DeviantArt that I got the cartoon, please let me know if you mind! I still have the PSD. =X