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Brasil: This is how we play!

Well, not everyone of you knows how the Game Industry "works" here, so I'll try to give you a little brief. Every single 'marketman' says that the Brazilian Game Industry is promessing and has a lot to explore. That's right but, we're no...


Okay, I'm a Dragon and I want to play it badly.

I'm really looking forward to The Secret World, that game is f'ing teasing me, all that crazy videos and mistery around that new universe is being so nicely done and showed. I made that new test on the website and I screwed up. Right now ...


About doseletalone of us since 11:53 PM on 06.26.2009

Well, there's not enough words to describe me. Thats because:

1- My Englsih don't suck, but it's far to be perfect
2- I can't make a decent Bio even in Portuguese (my native language).

My name is William (believe me, it's a common name even in my country. I'm from Brazil (live and born here), 20 years old, and... gamer. I play video games since I was a little and annoying 5 year old boy, it was an Generic Atari that I played, and I was completely in love for that thing. Yeah, in 1994 I was playing Atari games while you rich boys were playing your powerful PSX!

It's 1997, progress has come and after lots of lots of tears I won my 16-bit console that was my SNES in the time (my other lot of tears was useless against my evil dad and I didn't get a Mega Drive. yeah MEGA DRIVE, not GENESIS!), it was my partner for a long period of 3 years! This was the time that I really could call myself a real gamer, it's when my love for that freakin' brick plugged in my 14" CRT TV has finally bloomed (so emo T.T). Since that playful age I'm a fannatic for gaming and hee I am trying to write something about it.

That person from DeviantArt that I got the cartoon, please let me know if you mind! I still have the PSD. =X