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Metroid Prime 3

So, who has it and if you have it a)where do you live and b)where did you get it from? I've been getting conflicting reports from everyone as to the actual release date; AFAIK today was the ship date so it should be on shelves tomorrow, bu...



Okay, this was originally a lot longer and sounded like it was a canned confessional about how great this service is. Whatever... If any of you guys use Netflix or a similar service then you know how good it is. In any event, if you're i...


Bioshock, ad nauseam

Yeah, i know this is like the bazillionth post about this game, but it's that good. The prospect of setting people on fire and then shocking them to death in a pool of water whilst they try to extinguish the flames brings a sadistic smile ...


XBOX 360

Is anybody else dissatisfied with this thing? At first, I was fine with the it, but as I got my Wii and PS3, I've become more and more apathetic towards the machine. I mean, for all the bad press that the PS3 has gotten, at least the laun...


Me + gaming + wife = ?

Being that I'm married to a non gamer, it's a little hard to get my video game fix on a regular basis. When we moved into our new place, it was my plan to use the spare bedroom as my dedicated gaming room where I could play uninterrupted f...



Long story short: Bought my first wo blu-ray titles and I'm pretty impressed, but I'm not blown away. Could be for a number of different reason, but for any other people out there that have blu-ray movies and HDTVs, do you feel the same w...


Asian Stereotypetoid?

Um, not really... Yeah, I look it for the most part, but I'm white on the inside, yellow on the outside, like a Twinkie. I don't drive a rice rocket, don't speak the language (any of them), don't have an accent, generally don't associate ...


Introducing myself

I think the title of this post is self-explanatory... I fit the profile of a modern day gamer fairly well; grew up in the '80s, like all of that "retro" crap and had my first major gaming experience with the NES back in '86. I could get a...


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