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About dorkatlargeone of us since 3:12 PM on 02.17.2008

As of 2010, I'm 31 years old, and I'm no longer sure how I feel about video games and their fandom.

I've been a video game fan since 1988, thanks to friends in my neighborhood. Back then, I really liked platform games such as Super Mario Bros and Pitfall. Within a year, I'd discovered Zelda 2, Dragon Warrior, Final Fantasy, and Ultima 4, which made me into a serious console RPG fanboy.

Unfortunately, my interests have become less mainstream over the years. And only a few of my friends and coworkers care about video games. Sometimes I feel that I should throw away my collection and find other hobbies.

I typically avoid the following:

- 3D action games
- anything dark or gory
- sports games

Since 2009, I've enjoyed the following console games enough that I've devoted hours to them:

- Persona 4
- Sakura Wars 5 (PS2)
- Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side (DS, partial fan translation)

And I'm a fan of the following independent PC/Mac games:

- Jisei
- The Flower Shop
- RE: Alistair
- Daemonophilia
- Project Nattsu
- Spirited Heart