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Contestoid: design an Android game, win virtually nothing!

Just yesterday I received my new cell phone: the HTC Incredible. It is awesome. Very fast, nice touch screen, etc. However, I am quite disappointed with the amount of good free full games on the Android market. As far as I can tell, there are none, really. So I thought to myself: I can program, I know Java, why don't I make a game? Trouble is, I suck at designing games. The best I could come up with was a Rez clone, and that's not what I want. So here I present you a contest: DESIGN A VIDEO GAME AND WIN SOME THINGS MAYBE.

Here are the rules:

1.) It has to be original, no Rez clones.

2.) It can be something really really hard to do, it'll just take longer to make, or it may never get finished at all.

3.) Something appropriate people. I'm dedicating this game (if it gets finished) to Anthony Burch so yeah.

4.) When designing the game, look to Rev-Rants for ideas. The stuff he came up with was really interested and it would be cool to be implemented on a mobile device blah blah pretentiousness.

5.) Describe your game completely, leave no room for me to make decisions on design

6.) I would prefer the game to be low-poly count 3D, that way I can make my own 3D engine and mess with 3D projection. However, this is not a requirement; the game can be 2D and high-poly count 3D if it is required.

7.) Some online play would be nice, but not required


1.) A Jessica Chobot (or whatever her name is) Figma. I got this thing at wonder con because the Sam and Max one was like 25 dollars more. Worst mistake of my life.

2.) A personal letter from me and about 5 dollars USD. Yah whatever.

Ideas will be judged by the most interesting concept or most fun to implement, whichever comes first.
Judging ends after 20 replies or 5 days, whichever comes first (prolly the 5 days).

Thanks to my brosticean Tray Ben. He is a cool guy.

Now GogogogogoDoNothing!

I guess this means I'm indie.
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