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Meant to post this on Halloween, but forgot. Also, this new Danny Elfman song is going to accurately represent how I feel these coming weeks on either outcome.


If you've been on the fence, here is a fitting trailer for Chainsaw Man.


I wonder how much The Boys has to budget for fake blood.


#warfu is all fun and games till someone gets shot. No one likes feeling sticky, even if it is great for the skin.


Chainsaw Man keeps blowing my mind. Hate having to wait another week. And god I hope this gets an anime.


Regardless of how you feel about Minecraft x Smash, the level of detail Sakurai and Co put into the collaboration is pretty amazing.


I was gonna get the The ColdStone Creamery Rainbow Road Ice Cream Cake Mario35 tie-in, but then I saw it was 64 bucks.


Always bittersweet when a show you love ends. Yahello for the last time SNAFU. Well, at least till the inevitable rewatch.


Question for those trying to get the Mario 35th pin set. I keep seeing people saying it is sold out, but make it sound like they got a code. How do you know? Is it that you couldn't add to cart or because payment didn't process?


Since I have a dedicated anime playlist, I could flood #OPToid, but instead I will just post the weebiest opening I know.


I love all things Prince of Persia. I'd even be willing to give the meh graphics a pass just for some more Prince action. But putting a classic/remake filter as a pre-order bonus is a level of bullshit I will not stand for.


I'm no structural engineer, but rock-and-roll doesn't seem like the a good material to use for the foundation of a city.


I always get a smile when an album cover pops up on a random mix and I can instantly tell what decade it was released. Case and point.


Evil Superman is a boring plot device.


Chicken vs Egg: Round 2 Splatfest is a go. Man, I love Splatoon 2 so much and wish I played it more often. Splatfests always a good excuse though.


I didn't have cable as a kid, so I never learned how they do it on the Discovery channel.


This would be hilarious if it weren't so goddamn depressing.


Watched the first 6 episodes of Aeon Flux on Occam's recommendation. I'm really digging it, though no idea how MTV got away showing this stuff on air. What are some people's favorite dialogue-less animated sequences? Sharing two of mine in the comments.


Who out there has seen Ip Man 4: The Finale? I had a blast, but will put possible spoilers in the comments. Also, Donnie Yen does not age.


Been on an animated kick and just finished Voltron and She-Ra. Voltron didn't click, but really enjoyed the first 3 seasons of She-Ra. Only issue is last two were a slog, with the last being super rushed. Also, not enough Swift Wind. Up Next: Gargoyles.


I had a dream that Rockstar was making a cyberpunk GTA that was simultaneously a sequel to Vice City. #dreamtoid


Looks like another Nintendo stealth announcement of Pikmin 3 Deluxe. Though I guess a stealth announcement of a port is better than it being part of a Direct.


Really enjoyed Carrion. The atmosphere was great, it is well paced, and the movement is top notch. Just a really, well made game. Only complaint is the "story" was tad confusing.


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