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Y'all are some good looking motherfuckers. But main reason no selfie from me is I haven't had a haircut or shaved since the pandemic started, so any uploaded photos is likely to get me flagged on some terrorist database.


I'm excited for Splatoon 3, but I don't know how you can improve on the perfection that is Marina. Pearl's ok too.


No More Heroes 3 might be worth it just for the box art alone.


A little sad that yet again no announcement for Metroid Prime Trilogy. But more sad that new Direct reminded how much I miss Iwata.


Ohhh shit, a new Nintendo Direct coming tomorrow at 2pm PST. Time to get the body ready.


100% Bowser's Fury. It's fun and there are some interesting concepts. The world has some great style, but kinda feels like Odyssey leftovers. After all the movement options in Odyssey, it has kinda been tough to go back to the older 3D Mario movesets.


Stuck at work when I want to be watching the new WandaVision and playing Bowser's Fury.


3D World Keychain on Nintendo Rewards.


Finished Observation. TL;DR: Glad I didn't pay for it, but wish I hadn't requested it as a gift. Game has an interesting concept, that is marred with unintuitive puzzles and a cookie cutter story. More in comments.


Finally decided to watch the OG Mobile Suit Gundam. So far it seems like a total ripoff of Gundam Seed.


Probably the best article I have read on the whole GameStop stuff. Link in comments too. https://pluralistic.net/2021/01/28/payment-for-order-flow/#wallstreetbets


So apparently Stanley Kubrick commissioned an original song (with lyrics) for 2001 Space Odyssey. It was thought to be lost, but was recently released. Personally, I find it hilariously terrible. (First heard about it from Mega64 podcast).


Age of Calamity was great. A huge improvement on Hyrule Warriors (for me), especially in differentiation of characters. Story had its moments too, as I honestly teared up at some parts. There are frame rate issues that make me wish for a Switch Pro.


Well, found the new YouTube hole I'm going to waste my day on.


New Nintendo Rewards. Splatfest Keychains and Smash Ultimate invitation cards.


"The film includes a 77-minute action sequence shot in one continuous take in which Musashi (Sakaguchi) fights for his life against 400 warriors". Sold.


I really need to remember that staying up till 3AM to beat a level is pointless, since inevitably, when I wake up the next morning, I'll end up beating it in 5 minutes.


Played Nerts with my friends and it is fun. It is a cool take on Solitaire, but it definitely can get super intense. Would recommend you give it a try if you can, especially since free.


I know a lot of fans of The Thing in the community, so thought y'all might enjoy part of this video (link that starts at right point in the comments, but whole thing worth a watch).


Cobra Kai is the best kind of stupid. Binged season 3 and it was a blast. Basically if an 80s movie were made today.


Based on that last Podtoid episode (still sad), binged all of Schitt's Creek. Definitely worth the praise. Two things: 1. Can't decide what's more impressive between the Levy Family's eyebrow game or comedic talents. 2. Everything Catherine O'Hara.


To end the year on a nice note with you degenerates, wanted to give a shout out and big thanks to Dennis Carden. Your vinyl posts hooked me up with a bunch I didn't know about (Cowboy Bepop, Undertale). Wallet is dead now though. #thankstoid


I wish Sakurai would present everything. Such a ball of joy. Also, that tournament player shade had me dying.


Even on the final chapter, Chainsaw Man always managing to surprise me. Possible spoilers in comments.


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