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Looks like another Nintendo stealth announcement of Pikmin 3 Deluxe. Though I guess a stealth announcement of a port is better than it being part of a Direct.


Really enjoyed Carrion. The atmosphere was great, it is well paced, and the movement is top notch. Just a really, well made game. Only complaint is the "story" was tad confusing.


Paper Mario Tetris 99 event this weekend. I think the theme is pretty cool.


Here is a gameplay trailer for The Medium (no idea why they didn't show it in the Xbox showcase). I didn't think the two-world system would be split-screen though.


Holy crap, there is going to be 4 more seasons of The Dragon Prince. Was not expecting that from Netflix.


The Microsoft conference didn't really do it for me, but I dug the new Bill & Ted trailer.


Today I learned that Dippin' Dots has a mascot and it definitely looks like it has taken bath salts and is ready to eat me for eating its precious dots.


Peacock: Dumb name for a streaming service. Getting a "Welcome to the Flock" e-mail: Dumber. Free: Color me interested. New Psych movie in this hell year: hell to the fucking yes.


Why did I decide to start this morning reading comments on news articles and Twitter...


Friendly reminder that the Xenoblades Chronicles Tetris 99 event is this weekend.


Somehow, Twitter has been less of a hellscape than usual this past week, which culminated in this somewhat late pride month post. Link in comments.


I will take Suda51's No More Heroes 3 gameplay reveal over pre-rendered cinematic any day. Also, he really ought to get to beating Super Mario Odyssey, it is a great game.


Whoever is running the gamer targeted advertising division of KFC must be having a blast. Link in comments.


Always be you Japan. Explanation + more videos: https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/interest/2020-06-15/condom-battler-goro-web-anime-advertises-okamoto-condoms/.160578


Danny Trejo loves him his butterflies.


Really cool article on Pokemon Draft League. May be something to scratch my sports itch. https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2020/06/i-choose-you-pokemon-draft-league-brings-pro-sports-excitement-to-the-game/


Top 3 results for when I searched for Art of Splatoon on Target. They really need to work on their algorithm because number 3 was clearly what I was looking for.


So finished the new Ghost in the Shell: SAC 2045 anime on Netflix. The story was actually pretty interesting, and I am looking forward to the 2nd season, but oh man, the animation... Possibly NSFW clip in comments to sum up the experience. Give it a shot.


For the Community fans out there, there is a recorded table-read (fundraising for World Central Kitchen/Frontline Foods) that will be out 5pm EST/2pm PST today. https://collider.com/community-cast-reunion-table-read-how-to-watch/


If you are a fan of Katana Zero, you might enjoy the Ghostrunner demo (Steam). It is essentially a 3-D Katana Zero, with the platforming/running of Mirror's Edge or Titanfall. Not sure if it is a Day 1 purchase for me, but it seems interesting.


Man, I would kill for a new Prince of Persia game. Here is a concept video and story about 2012 game that was cancelled. https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2020/05/prince-of-persia-concept-video-appears-and-confirms-why-series-has-been-dormant/


Another May the 4th I will observe passive aggressively over the fact that there isn't a new Rogue Squadron game.


In the spirit of my favorite new Twitter account "out of context community", here is a shot from a show I recently watched on Netflix called Mr. Sunshine. I enjoyed it, but would not recommend unless you are fan of Korean Drama cinematography.


Based on friends and the community recommendations, I binged through Devs. I liked it (though had some small problems with it). I mainly wish the soundtrack wasn't constantly trying to beat me upside the head.


#SongCoverWednesday I'm sure it has been shared before, but this always be my most memorable cover, since I didn't know it was a cover till recently.


Is there a game you hate/dislike, but still play a shit-ton? I have realized that is Fortnite for me. I dislike so much about it (UI, building, losing gun fights cause of people building, etc), but I've played so much lately cause it is fun with friends.


This weekend has a limited Trials of Mana Spirit Event in Smash Ultimate and a limited Ring Fit Adventure Event in Tetris 99 for those interested out there. Also, I think I have reached the beard naming portion of quarantine.


This weekend has a limited Trials of Mana Spirit Event in Smash Ultimate and a limited Ring Fit Adventure Event in Tetris 99 for those interested out there. Also, I think I have reached the beard naming portion of quarantine.


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