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Indie Mini-Review: Proteus

67 Minutes. That's how long my Steam library has said I've played Proteus. I can say it was a very interesting and engaging 67 minutes; however it was over much too quickly. Proteus, the indie exploration game by Ed Key and David Kanag...


The GB&U : Natural Selection 2

I thought I'd drift through the saloons this weekend; the arid west Texas wind had me parched somethin' awful. I was even contemplatin' makin' my way south of the border for a spell till I came across a familiar name on the Steam "Top Sell...


Home Review

The protagonist of Home awakes in a darkly lit mansion during a thunderstorm. Not sure how or why he got there, he decides to poke around and immediately comes across a gruesome, recently deceased body. Trying to understand how the piec...


East vs. West: K-Wave (Hanryu)

East vs West? America sells loyalty. Japan sells functionality. Korea sells instant gratification. In America we subscribe to one school of thought. That's just how we do. Democrat or Republican, Global Warming or nothing, Domestic ...


Free Copy of Plain Sight

I bought a 4-Pack of Plain Sight on Steam yesterday for launch. The game is amazing. Simple yet surprisingly deep. Its a lot of fun. There are only 2 things I can see wrong with it at this point: 1) There are not enough Objective ga...


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