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Free Copy of Aliens VS Predator Classic 2000 PC


yup another steam sale. goooood times.

free copy of alien.....yeah you can read the title.

not that im not enthused to get this game cheap its just...

well i have memories ya know?

the arcade game (pictured above) was an absolute staple of my childhood gaming experience.

1) while other chode children were lusting over X-Men, Final Fight, or even The Simpsons beat-em-up at the local arcades me and my weird group of friends would blow an entire $10 bill of tokens on this Capcom treasure.

2) being "lucky" to have a dad who owned the best retail video game chain in MI (Babbages was the only other thing at the time) i was the only kid i knew to even know what a Jaguar was, let alone play one. I TRIED TO PLAY AvP on Jaguar because of my love for the franchise. unfortunately that love only lasted about 5 mins. i mean it was only scary because it was so cumbersome to play.

3) 6th mother effin grade i was into everything AvP. at that time most likely YOU had NO IDEA what the hell i was talking about and promptly made fun of me because of it. books, comics, collectible card game, everything. I was into that ish before it was cool and before Fox Pictures destroyed it with terrible movies. ...it probably helped that daddy's store was above a comic shop... jes sayin...

4) even before i had seen the first predator movie i was balls deep in love with Aliens. good ol crazy daddy had the FIRST RELEASE of Aliens Special Edition ON LASERDISC BITCH. effin 4 DISCS. i wasnt even old enough to see R-Rated movies but i saw the hallway/turret scene before anyone else even knew what that ish was. "maybe we got em demoralized" (WTF HOW COULD THEY CUT THAT FROM THE ORIGINAL RELEASE? BEST HUDSON LINE EVER)

5) me and my friends may or may not have actually creamed our pants over purchasing a numbered movie replica of the M41A Pulse rifle. the order form came in the back of the manual for the CCQ but at 14 $300 was a lot of monies.

yup. i got the love. funny thing was the first time i ever saw this pc game was at a lan party. it was cool and all when i saw a friend play it then but at the time CS and TFC blew it away. consequently it never got my full attention.

so post something interesting in the comments and ill select someone to get a copy.

fyi tho- im not so much into giving out a copy as adding people to my friends list. ive already bought a copy for everyone on my current list (including the winner of the plain sight contest). so more so then getting a $2 game you get to be on list and quite possibly receive more digital swag in the future. if you play tf2 as well thats a + cause im looking for more chums
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