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Was on vacation for the last 2 weeks, and halfway thru the 2nd week got a new job offer. Put in my 2 week notice first thing when I got back yesterday. Been at this university for 10+ yrs (longer if you count when I was a student). Gonne be wierd leaving.


Finally finished up my NG+ run on Persona 4 Golden last night. After 220 some hours, I think it's ok if I start playing something else for a bit.


Wow, I almost completely forgot to pick up this month's PS+ games. Good thing that the store hadn't updated yet this morning.


Friend of mine just got laid off with no warning. The company is making him sign a deal that he won't talk bad about them or else he won't get his severance. That's just fucking wrong.


Super late to the game, but I only just found out a few weeks ago that the OuterHeaven forums are no longer there. Not surprised, really, but is there a new place to go?


Just created my first game on the100.io for Destiny. Here's hoping people actually join/show up.


A little awesomeness from MAGfest this past weekend.


A weekend with very little money just means games and Netflix all day/night with whatever booze is left in the house. Who am I kidding; that's most weekends.


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