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7/30/09 - Files you should be playing

Every week I pack up my bag and hit an arcade for a few hours of ITG... so that hour long drive better be worth it! Sight-reading new files while at the arcade can be fun, but also a great waste of money. Not just because the file can b...


About djayxeroone of us since 9:42 PM on 07.30.2009

I've been playing Dance Dance Revolution for a very long time... started back in 1999 when visiting NYC for some rounds of KOF and other fighters. It took hold on me.

So after competing in tournaments, organizing events, and playing at least 2 hours a week, EVERY week, here I am. Nearly 30 and still hunting down arcades across the mid-atlantic region for a good machine.

So this blog will be about In The Groove R21. This revision of the game allows for custom songs/steps and is really what's keeping me playing this game.

-rob (dj_xero)