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Seeing Red... Again.

It had happened once before. It was brief though. Two of my roommates and I were playing Halo 3 online, just enjoying the ability to ramble around through Team Slayer levels as a team and create some mayhem. Winning some. Losing some. As long as there was cold beer in the fridge and a never-ending amount of contests to be found online we were content with life.

I'd had my new Box for maybe a couple months. I bought the green Halo-themed one. I thought it was fitting considering Halo represents all but 5% of my thirst for gaming these days.

And it showed itself, briefly. It peeked at us. Phil, a bystander who's Box had seen its demise the year before, uttered an "uh-oh." Two other friends, the ones playing, stood there frozen... perhaps trying to gauge how severe my reaction would be. I leaped from the couch with cat-like speed and hit the power button, exclaiming aloud "Whoa-whoa-WHOA."

"She's done," a friend utters.

"No she is NOT," I reply with some unwavering level of certainty. For some reason I felt connected to the thing spiritually. I'm no fanboy. I'm not an XBox fanatic. I was raised on NIntendo and stayed loyal for as long as I could. I moved to California, 2000 miles away from my buddies, and needed an XBox to play online with 'em. It's as simple as that. But each console I own feels like it's a part of me... Strong with us, the force is.

And that was it. I hit the power button again, the console fired up, and the ring was gone. It displayed itself for maybe a total of five seconds. Never saw it again. I play 5-8 hours a night; I once played for 12 hours straight, with nothing but cigarette breaks and trips to the fridge for a beer. The thing has held up quite well considering how extensively it's used.

Until last night. When I went to fire the thing up, three little arcs of red flashed. All I could was sit and stare at it... twitching just under my left eye a bit.

I don't have a lot to do with my life right now. 2009 has been brutal for me. Job-loss. Vehicle break-down. The end to a budding relationship. Friends I've known since college moving away seemingly just as soon as they'd moved out here. Abandonment issues. Slight bouts with depression. No pity-party here, just being real.

I blow off all the steam I have in this world by hitting the power button to that console, and right now it's dead. I dunno whether to try the towel thing for a week just to get by, fix the thing myself, or send it in. I can't be trusted to make my own decisions right now.

Sorry about the rant. I had to vent.

And forgive future posts. I'll be looking for ways to keep my mind off it 'til the thing is up and running again. *silent prayer*
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