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Quickie 3-Game Review

I moved recently and gave up on Gamefly 'cuz I was under the impression my nightlife would improve in a new area of the country, thereby rendering my console useless for a while.

Swing and a miss...

Strolled into Blockbuster a week ago. Left with WET and Dante's Inferno.

This isn't meant to be a true review as much as simply tossing a bone out there in case someone's been neglecting their console and video games for bit, or perhaps to someone on the fence as to whether or not to give these games a try.

For starters, WET is fun. It's more fun than it is technically impressive. It wouldn't surprise me a bit to hear countless D-Troiders label this title a "rent-only." But I also imagine upon reading that most D-Troiders would turn their nose up at the game. A lot of times when we hear something isn't worth buying we immediately figure it probably isn't worth playing either.

Most of you would agree - it's sincerely worth playing. It's sloppy as hell and repetitive in nature, but I got a huge kick out of it. There's definitely more that could have been done with it, but you can't help but appreciate what little they gave you. The grainy visuals, the soundtrack, and the story all make for quite an entertaining experience. Think Kill Bill with a twist of Matrix. It's just fun, plain and simple.

Dante's Inferno didn't look like my kind of game... 'til I saw the commercial for it. True, it's yet another ad comprised mostly of cut-scenes that never make it into the game, but I think it was necessary for this title. What should easily impress you most about this is that the graphics are simply stunning. The visual representations of hell are pretty fucking twisted and beautiful at the same time, and I found myself at times just stopping the game's character in his tracks to marvel at the scenery. Morbid, creepy, and relatively disturbing, you can't help but give the creators of the game major kudos for bringing their interpretation of hell to life. It truly seems like a piece of art.

Gameplay lacks a bit, no one's gonna argue about that. The main characters moved seem mapped right over each even when performing something different. And the AI the enemies are granted doesn't help things at all. In some spots the game is reduced to mere button-mashing, distancing the character a bit, and then more button mashing. But some of the ways you're allowed to disperse of enemies are so graphic that you can't help but enjoy yourself. Very graphic. Very twisted. For every way the game annoys you it'll bounce back and visually amaze you.

If there's anything the above-mentioned games lack, it's just good ol' fashioned mechanics. WET has an awesome story and feels like you're playing through a Tarantino flick, but you're always left feeling like you wish you had another set of moves or a better environment to operate inside. Dante's Inferno feels a lot like an old school session of Double Dragon from time to time, but just traversing the inner circles of hell to dazzling visuals was enough to keep me entertained.

I returned today to pick up Bioshock 2.

I drove home with a sense of urgency.

I honestly felt no words ever did the first game justice. It was clearly one of the most unique experiences I'd ever gotten from a video game.

An hour in, and the same can be said for the second installment. I won't even bother with details. If you're playing it tonight you're enjoying yourself.

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