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Quickie 3-Game Review

I moved recently and gave up on Gamefly 'cuz I was under the impression my nightlife would improve in a new area of the country, thereby rendering my console useless for a while. Swing and a miss... Strolled into Blockbuster a week ago....


It Must Be Love...

"Please don't... Please... do not do that." I talked to her. I laid a gentle hand on her. I begged, I pleaded... I sat there on my knees and stared at her, lovingly but with a sense of urgency on my face. I let out the most frustrated sig...


"Hack the Planet"

I'd tried seeking an answer to this question in the forum... only to be told I was off-topic and should be posting it somewhere else. Nevermind that I was asking the question in the "bar" section... and nevermind the fact that two posts dir...


Seeing Red... Again.

It had happened once before. It was brief though. Two of my roommates and I were playing Halo 3 online, just enjoying the ability to ramble around through Team Slayer levels as a team and create some mayhem. Winning some. Losing some. As lo...


Memory Lane: Karate Champ

Talk about nostalgia. I was fartin' around on the internet earlier looking at Killer Instinct cabinets for possible purchase. The wait for a new game has clearly taken its toll and despite what an excellent idea it would be for XBox to bu...


Killer Instinct: A Love Story

Leave it to an impromptu session of Soul Calibur played at a friend's house, on the GameCube of all devices, to spark up nostalgia. I last recalled playing the game nearly a decade ago on the Dreamcast console, and immediately remember how...


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