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Goodwill Awesomeness!

I think I've said it before, but I work at Goodwill, and like Dyson, I find some cool stuff on occasion. (but not as awesome as he finds) I went to Goodwill on Saturday and was browsing the electronics, when I noticed a bunch of Atari 2600...


my games PART TWO!

the sega genesis! what a great system. i used to have more games than this but my collection got sold when i was in middle school. i've been re building my collection but not really seeking them out that hard. sega cd though... i like. ...


GAME CANDY. awesome.

Nintendo is the coolest company ever. Check out this candy I've bought in the past month. I think the most awesome thing is that the Wiimote and NES pad are actual size. The Wiimote even fooled me once! I had it on my desk and grabb...


About dethstrykeone of us since 10:14 PM on 04.03.2008

i'm a retro gamer at heart but i do like current gen stuff...
i have a wii but i've been playing alot of retro stuff lately... in the past 2 months ive bought 4 nes games, a nes advantage, received a sega cd and sonic 1-3 and sonic and knuckles, not-burned 4 dc games, hoooked up my atari flashback, replaced my 72 pin on my nes and dusted off my saturn just last week.

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