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This AI Somnium Files game better be good.


Anyone else think this kinda, sorta looks like a poster for a live action Animorphs movie?


To award you folks for putting up with so much #Cursedmas already, I have a special Baby Yoda for you in the comments...it's not a trick...I swear...trust me...




Someday I'd like a Dragon Quest Builders-esque spin off for Pokémon. I'd like to build and maintain my own Pokémon ranch. Have a nice farm full of berry trees. Maybe build my own gym.


If you could recommend just ONE movie you watched this year (not necessarily released this year, just one you watched for the first time this year) which movie would it be?


Hey I finally got my copy of Bloodstained! Took a bit longer because I took too long to fill out that final survey. But hey, I finally got it and now I can play the game! So yay!


Thanks to Kerrik52's post I can't stop thinking of a lavish stage opera for Devil May Cry. How deliciously cheesy and over-the-top that could be.


If you could recommend just ONE game you played this year (not necessarily released this year, just one you played for the first time this year) which game would it be?


It feels like Cursedmas comes earlier every year, don't it?


I suddenly remembered this game (I wasn't able to back the campaign, but I wanted to) so I checked the release date. Apparently it came up back in August. So I got excited until I realized it was only on PC. And now I wait for the Switch version.


Okay so allegedly there's a glitch with the new Pokémon games that can delete your save data. And not just for Pokémon, it apparently can affect save data for other games too. It's apparently linked to the game's auto-save, so disable that ASAP.


Hey, my physical copy of A Hat in Time for Switch finally came in. Now I can finally see what all the hubbub is about.


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