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Super Star Punishment

Last week I randomly indulged in a nostalgic whim and picked up copies of Super Star Wars and Super Empire Strikes Back off Ebay. If I remember correctly, I used cheats on these when I was a kid, and I think it was justified. These games h...


Game Jouralism rears it's ugliness

The termination of Jeff Gerstmann at Gamespot has erupted quite a response. As it should, and fortunately it is opening dialogue about game reviews and game critics. Some of it is rather interesting, most of it is just bitch fest and a lot ...


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Grouchy, mean, and just plain old critical. I love games second only to philosophy, and I loved games before philosophy. Yes, you could say games brought me to philosophy, and seeking a higher human purpose. Therefore, I want to point out the greatness of games, and that they may yet bring the slavish lot of us to to something higher then distraction.

To spread the joy of gaming through concerned and loving criticism. This is my mission.

Also, I like to cook.

And I admire Tiff, forever.