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Video Games '09

I originally came into the year 2009 with feelings of doubt. I originally began with the thought that this year would once again be another lackluster year for video games, especially my favorite genre, the RPG. To recap really quick, las...


My Ninja Gaiden II Review

Well I haven't really updated much (or been on the net at all) as of recent due to my obsession with Ninja Gaiden II on the XBox 360. However since I'm slowly getting back onto the next due to Master Ninja mode being quite unbearable at t...


Your Favorite SNES Titles

As we all know, the Super Nintendo is arguably the greatest video game console ever made, and is personally my favorite. I figured I would write my own Top Ten favorite SNES games and why I like them. Number 10: Final Fantasy: Mystic Qu...


Already Love This Place...

Finally, after a long while of searching and always visiting mainstream sites like IGN and GameSpot, I finally find a page with video game reviews that I can agree with. As a gamer I've always wanted to find a page more meant for Gamers a...


About darksydex3226one of us since 7:29 AM on 06.01.2008

I'm a gamer from the NES era and onward. I love pretty much all kinds of games with the exception of racing, sports, and bad games (obviously). I'm also the co-host on the weekly podcast HYPER KNEE (, which is almost 1 year old now. I aspire to be either a video-game journalist, or comic book writer (and currently working hard towards those goals).

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