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Destructoider -- Wii version 2.0

   The last of the motion control devices is almost upon us.  Have our lives been changed?  While our bank accounts are fluctuating, the way we game certainly isn't changing.  I’m certainly not saying that things will never change, or th...


Destructoider toons

So why cartoons? While sitting around at work last week after having lunch, I picked up a copy of the New Yorker that was on the kitchen table. I very rarely look at too much in this magazine, I'll flip through, read the first paragrap...


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Just some Schmoe that has been playing games since his 5 yr old brain experienced Night Driver some years ago on the Atari 2600. It has been a (mostly) healthy relationship ever since. Working in the design/animation realm for the last 10+ years, and trying to figure out a way to get another job that pays more, requires me to do less, and generally not be bothered by anyone for the last umpteen years. Well bothered by nobody except my beautiful (gamer yay!) wife. I started blogging here to make some classy vidya game related toons for the masses.
Forever working for the man though, so check that stuff out here
Also, please let me know what stuff strikes you and what doesn't, topics to cover, or whatever else floats your boat.

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